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Renee Reina: Self-Reflection and Authenticity in Motherhood and Beyond

Episode #14

Today I’m joined by Renee Reina, podcaster, TikToker, mom, and truth-teller. Renee finished her PhD in psychology in March 2020, just days before the COVID-19 quarantine started. While in quarantine, she gained a large following on TikTok and launched The Mom Room Podcast. Renee and I discuss marriage, self-care, communication, mom rage, mom guilt, “mom-poster syndrome,” the “#blessed” moms, and Renee’s experience with anxiety that persists to this day. 

“I hope that I am more so an influencer of changing how people think of themselves and think about motherhood and inspire people to have conversations with their partners that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”  – Renee Reina


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