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Sarah Wallace: The Enneagram Advantage: Unlocking Your Core Strategy for Life and Productivity

Episode #139

Sarah Wallace is a Certified Enneagram Coach, host of the Enneagram MBA podcast, speaker, and workshop facilitator. With over 15 years in relationship building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA, Federal Reserve Bank, John Deere, and adidas Outdoor, now small business owners, corporations, and event organizers work with Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams. We discuss what the Enneagram is and perhaps more importantly, what it isn’t. We discuss how to utilize the Enneagram to get to know yourself and work more effectively at work, in life, and in your relationships.

“The Enneagram is not here to tell you who you are but to give you some insight into how you are approaching life, the lens you see the world through.” – Sarah Wallace


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