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Beatrice Tokayer: Creating Sensory-Inclusive Spaces for Neurodivergent Children

Episode #138

Beatrice Tokayer is an interior designer, founder of BRT Interior Design, and mom of 3. Her own son’s sensory needs fueled her curiosity and passion for designing spaces that help children live happier, healthier, and calmer lives. Seeing a greater need for sensory interior design, Beatrice has made it her mission to help families create home environments that allow every individual to express their true selves by being bold, refreshing, and tasteful while delivering on the utmost of comfort and functionality. Beatrice shares her motherhood story from postpartum depression to her sons’ ADHD and sensory processing disorders diagnoses. She also shares her personal growth story from living in several countries, being a child of immigrant parents to how she parents her kids and takes care of herself today.

“Life gives you lessons and it happens the way it’s supposed to happen. I could cry or I could say, ‘hand it over, I’ll deal with it.’” – Beatrice Tokayer


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