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Barb Hill: Navigating Seasons of Waiting: A Therapist’s Journey of Faith, Career, and Self-Discovery

Episode #137

Barb Hill is a writer and Licensed Mental Health Therapist who is passionate about supporting others in both their navigation of faith and mental health. In 2019, Barb founded Holding Space Counseling, a thriving group practice in Franklin, TN where she works as a trauma therapist as well as oversees and supervises other therapists in their clinical work. Barb calls Tennessee home, and lives in Nashville, TN with her pup Nash. Barb shares her journey to becoming a therapist, how she bridges the gap between faith and mental health, and the universal experience of waiting and all that it evokes in us.

“The circumstances of how our waiting unfolds and the fulfillment of our longings unfolds…it all matters. It’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you.” – Barb Hill


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