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Abbey Williams: Walking Through Fire: Cycle-Breaking, Estrangement, and Co-Parenting Support for Moms

Episode #135

Abbey Williams is a behavioral health therapist, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, and mother of 4. For 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical services to families as well as write and speak about various parenting and mental health topics. Abbey focuses on helping moms heal from motherhood identity issues, burnout, estrangement, and breaking generational trauma. She is the host of “You, The Mother Podcast,” and has been featured by PopSugar, Parents, SheKnows, and Romper, and was named a top 50 parenting podcast by Podcast Magazine in 2022. We discuss Abbey’s story from young, single motherhood to coparenting to going no contact with her mother. She shares how she navigated these challenging situations which ultimately led her to turn her pain into purpose. 


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