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Samantha Porter Grinney: The Evolution of Samantha’s WEST – From High Fashion NYC Girl to Philanthropic Florida Mom

Episode #134

Samantha Porter Grinney is the founder of Samantha’s West, a podcast and resource to supply you with entertainment and interviews from philanthropic and entrepreneurial guests. Samantha’s West has evolved over the years and continues to do so as Samantha’s interests change and her family grows. She is a wife to an ER doctor, a step-mom to teenage twins, mom to her toddler West, and dog mom to Henry, who makes an appearance on the show today. In my opinion, Samantha is a freakin’ rockstar. We discuss her story from her family roots, to growing up and leaning into her Jewish heritage, to how she went from high fashion New York City girl to podcasting Florida mom pursuing philanthropic interests.

“I’ve been in therapy my whole life. It was never taboo in my family. We go to therapy, that’s what we do.” – Samantha Porter Grinney


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