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Jenna Altman: How to Align Your Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement to Your Unique Body and Values

Episode #133

Jenna Altman is a health and fitness coach and the CEO and Head Coach at Harvest Coaching. She is also the host of the Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement podcast. Jenna’s mission is to help active women find a healthy lifestyle that they can consistently show up for and to help them make decisions that align with their values and bodies. We discuss Jenna’s story: why she got into this work, and her journey of personal development, particularly as it relates to nutrition, health, and fitness. We discuss anxiety, the benefits of therapy, and the power of working with a coach. Jenna also shares the pillars of her coaching program: mindset, metabolism, and movement.

“If I kept following what everyone else was saying about how to manage anxiety, how to get healthy and do all the stuff, I would have never gotten to this place where I feel such an ownership over my journey as I do now.” – Jenna Altman


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