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Mary Beth Somich: Do You Have a Monster-in-Law or is it Enmeshment? Tips for Setting Healthy Familial Boundaries

Episode #132

Mary Beth Somich is a licensed therapist with a group private practice located in North Carolina called Your Journey Through. She specializes in family dynamic work and is passionate about promoting modern mental health and making therapy accessible and relatable. She helps other therapists promote their own mental health platforms through expanding their reach on social media and building thriving private practices. We discuss the ethics of social media and being a therapist, the pillars of modern therapy, teen, college aged, and post grad mental health challenges, family dynamics, and enmeshment.

“If you care about someone, it’s important to set boundaries with them. Reframe it as, ‘boundaries are not scary, they are actually indicative of healthy relationships.’” – Mary Beth Somich


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