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Dr. Shannon Davis: “There is No Normal”: Coping with Sensory Overload, Childhood Mobility, and Developmental Challenges

Episode #130

Dr. Shannon Davis is a physical therapist, Certified Autism Specialist, CEO of Inspiration Physical Therapy Inc. She is also the CEO of InspiraSpark, where she developed and patented products called the Little Balance Box, a push toy and activity table and Hativity, interactive headwear. Dr. Shannon’s products have been mentioned on the Today Show, Parents, Creative Child Magazine, Mom’s Choice Awards, Mothering, Parent Guide News and US Weekly. She is also a military spouse and mom of 2 girls. We discuss her entry into motherhood, particularly as it relates to her husbands’ frequent deployments, and the work she does today. We discuss the mobility and communication connection in children, advocating for your children, sensory overload, and a holistic PT approach.


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