Self-Care Practices

Jen Kalawur: How to Navigate Life Transitions with Yoga, Reiki, and Self-Awareness

Episode #13

Today I’m joined by Jen Kalawur, the founder of Navigate Life Transitions. Jen is an experienced Kripalu and Yoga Impact teacher, who focuses on the therapeutic benefits of the yoga practice. She is also a White Light Reiki Master, offering private sessions and trainings, and a transformational spiritual coach. We talk about how to use yoga as a tool to move through life’s challenging transitions. We talk about energy, self-love, and the power of self-awareness. Jen also helps me understand what Reiki is and how it is used to help her clients exist in their best mindsets and energies.

“When we take care of ourselves there is this overflow of peacefulness, joyfulness, and love that touches everyone around us.” – Jen Kalawur


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