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Michelle Tangeman: How to Set the Foundation for Emotional Intelligence in Toddlerhood

Episode #123

Michelle Tangeman is a child and family therapist, creator of Thriving Toddler, co-host of the Parenting Understood podcast, and a mom of 2! Michelle has extensive experience in individualized behavior intervention, Functional Behavior Assessments, school-based services, family-focused intervention, early start services, and social skills training and has provided these services to families across Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Her online education company, Thriving Toddler, offers courses and free resources, aimed to help as many people as possible become the parents they want to be. We discuss Michelle’s childhood trauma and its impact on her work and motherhood journey. We discuss toddlers, tantrums, and cultivating emotional intelligence from a young age.

“When it comes to toddler tantrums, the number 1 thing is DO NOT take it personally. It’s not about you. Period. End of story.” – Michelle Tangeman


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