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Dr. Morgan Francis: Is Your Body Image Keeping You in A Mental Prison? Break Free for Yourself and Your Kids

Episode #112

Dr. Morgan Francis is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. She is the owner of Scottsdale Premier Counseling and specializes in the treatment of body image, eating disorders, relationships, sexual health, and grief. Her mission is to break through the mental health shame game. Dr. Morgan is a mother to three children and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband of eleven years. Dr. Morgan shares the story of her brother’s tragic death at just 20 years old and how grieving his loss impacts her life and the work she does today. We also talk about body grief, self-compassion, what we can do to break food and body cycles for our kids, how we unpack the feelings that are beneath our desire to be thin. 

“If we really want to help our children, we have to start with ourselves. We cannot expect our children to be body confident if we are insecure and dieting our bodies away. It won’t work.” – Dr. Morgan Francis


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