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Jessi Jean: Can You Fully Heal from Food & Body Image Issues? Here’s How to Find Freedom For Good

Episode #111

Jessi Jean turned her decade long struggle with food and body into her mission. She helps women all around the world end the fight with food and find confidence in their skin so they can live in complete freedom. Jessi studied to become a Mind Body Eating Coach, partnered with a Licensed Professional Counselor and created the Food Freedom Online Program. She is also the host of the Dear Body Podcast and has a social media following of over 170K. Today Jessi shares some of her story and how she overcame her struggles with food and body image. We talk about the levels of healing, the impact of our visual social media diet on our physical and mental health, and the idea of mental pivoting. Jessi also shares her take on willpower, attention-seeking adults, and protecting our peace.

“There are levels to this and layers to healing but I think getting to a point where you’re no longer triggered into binge and emotionally eating is entirely possible.” – Jessi Jean


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