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Bryana Kappadakunnel: Heal the Mother Wound: How This Conscious Mommy Turned Childhood Trauma Into Her Life’s Work

Episode #109

Bryana Kappadakunnel is a LMFT, an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, and a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist-Certified. She is also the owner & voice behind Conscious Mommy. Since 2011, Bryana has worked exclusively with families with very young children to navigate challenges related to child development, behavioral & emotional issues, attachment problems, and trauma. Her approach is unique in that she works primarily with parents by helping them discover their child’s nervous system and developmental needs. Parents also learn how to regulate their own triggered reactions and discover more self-control and self-compassion. Bryana is also a mom of 2 young children, and lives with her spouse in Southern California. Bryana shares the story of her childhood trauma, specifically around her relationship with her mother. She shares how her childhood impacts her own motherhood journey and influences the work she does today. We also talk about conscious parenting – how it differs from gentle parenting – and the key elements that set Bryana’s philosophy apart from all other parenting strategies.

“I believe that acceptance of the child really begins with the self-acceptance that many of us are still navigating toward and really embracing.” – Bryana Kappadakunnel


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