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Nellie Harden: Raising Tween & Teen Girls: Never Take “Fine” for an Answer

Episode #108

Nellie Harden is a Family Life & Leadership Coach who focuses on helping families with teen daughters stop wasting time and energy in power struggles and raise confident, wise, and respectful young women that know their worth and are actually ready for the world! She is a wife and mom to 4 daughters, author, speaker, podcaster, retired homeschooling parent and adventure chaser. Today Nellie shares her story: how her childhood impacts her work today, how the traumas and challenges in her life have shaped her parenting perspective, unpacking the oldest daughter trope, and growing up in a blended family. We talk about the 5 C’s of communication with tweens and teens and the biological differences in development between teen boys and girls.

“Never accept ‘fine.’ I call ‘fine’ the F-word because ‘fine’ could mean terrible or ‘fine’ could mean I’m great.” – Nellie Harden


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