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Joanna Townsend: Self-Compassion Does NOT Mean Resignation. So What Does It Mean and How Do We Do It?

Episode #104

Joanna Townsend is a licensed psychotherapist based in Bozeman, Montana and the owner of Root & Rise, a modern and inclusive mental wellness practice for millennials. Joanna brings her true self and inner nerd to the therapy space. She specializes in the areas of anxiety, perfectionism, self-worth, life transitions, burn out, eating disorder recovery, and is a big advocate of feeling all the feels, authenticity, self-compassion, and letting go of shame. We discuss self-compassion and self-acceptance – what they mean, what they don’t mean, and how to start and elevate our self-compassion practices. We talk about perfectionism and people-pleasing and how both can relate to a lack of self-compassion. Joanna talks about enoughness for women, for millennials, for content creators, and so much more.

“Comparison is natural and normal, it’s in our wiring, but our relationship to it can either create wounds to our self-worth or be a source of inspiration and connection.” – Joanna Townsend


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