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Stacy & Markus Naugle: How to Instill a Legacy of Physical and Mental Health within Your Family

Episode #103

Stacy & Markus Naugle are back! This husband and wife team are high-performance health consultants who help excellence-driven people generate the vitality necessary to fuel sustained success in their professional and personal lives without burning out. Their Six Pillars of Health methodology focuses on quick to implement action steps that are easily integrated into busy schedules. Much of our conversation centers around their big and recent move to Ecuador! We talk about what the adjustment has been like, how they are managing, and what they’ve learned about health so far. We also talk about parenting tips, tricks, and advice for getting kids to eat a wide variety of foods, expand their palates and minds, and what it means to instill a legacy of health.

“When it comes to kids, think about the long game…think about the day and the week, as opposed to each of the individual meals.” – Markus Naugle


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