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Can Partners Get Postnatal Depression? What Causes It, What to Look For, and How to Help

Episode #101

Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and mom to three. She has a virtual private practice in California where she offers therapy to parents navigating fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and parenting young children. Dr. Cassidy hosts the top-rated wellness and parenting podcast Holding Space and shares supportive tips and strategies for millennial parents over on Instagram @drcassidy. She is also supportive of her colleagues, offering courses, coaching, and even a podcast called Holding Space for Therapists, on how to run a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy shares her career journey, her early motherhood experience, as well as her experience with her partner’s postnatal depression.

“‘What is enough?’ When I ask myself that, it really frees me up to recognize the ways I already have enough, I’m doing enough or I’m doing more than I need to.” – Dr. Cassidy Freitas


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