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Christie Rocha: A Look Back and A Lot of Gratitude

Episode #100

On this special 100th episode, I am taking a look back at some of my favorite, most impactful, and most challenging moments on the show. I am also sharing boat loads of gratitude, shouting out some fabulous guests, and sharing how you can help me celebrate this milestone!


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Christie’s Instagram: @sasssays

Sass Says Episodes Mentioned:

Ep 40 Michelle Dempsey

Ep 78 Libby Ward

Ep 3 Tara Clark

Ep 1 Alexandra Bouffard

Ep 4 Erin Washington

Ep 5 Linda Fruits

Ep 7 Dr. Holly Sawyer

Ep 10 Kerrie Mohr

Ep 53 Carlie Nolan

Ep 56 Sarah Bilger

Ep 64 Amanda Gurman

Ep 90 Meredith Huck

Ep 15 Vanessa De Jesus Guzman

Ep 21 Dr. Vanessa Freeman

Ep 29 Unyime Oguta

Ep 43 Heather Chauvin

Ep 44 Dr. Jisun Sunny Fisher

Ep 74 Adriana Keefe

Ep 46 Shanna Nardone

Ep 47 Dr. Veronica Eyo

Ep 59 Alissa McCormick

Ep 20 Diana Simon

Ep 63 LuAnn Nigara

Ep 2 Chelsea Riffe

Ep 13 Jen Kalawur

Ep 94 Tara Brunet

Ep 12 Christine Michel Carter

Ep 9 Jax Anderson

Ep 84 Cara Tyrrell

Ep 99 Gina Gersh

Ep 16 Dr. Alexis Conason

Ep 25 Katelyn Parsons

Ep 87 Dr. Cassandra Lenza

Ep 81 Stacy & Markus Naugle

Ep 48 Corrin Voeller

Ep 33 Dr. Kristie Overstreet

Ep 92 Jemma Rane

Ep 8 Elissa Weinzimmer

Ep 76 Jessica Gershman

Ep 18 Shaylyn Forte

Ep 35 Dr. Traci Stein

Ep 69 Marisa Lonic

Ep 52 Kathryn Nulf

Ep 85 Sunni VonMutius

Ep 67 Kaitlin Cuevas

Ep 75 Jessi Shuraleff

Ep 66 Lina Forrestal

Ep 82 Sarah Dalton

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