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Jax Anderson: The Psyko Therapist & TikTok Mom on Tweens, Teens, and Therapy

Episode #09

Today I’m joined by Jax Anderson, a licensed professional counselor and creator/owner of the brand The Psyko Therapist. Jax is a Disrupter, disrupting the status quo, offering alternative perspectives, teaching and training. Jax’s ‘why’ is to empower, motivate and inspire as many people as possible. More recently she’s become famous on TikTok, known as the TikTok mom, helping tweens, teens, and their parents better communicate and understand each other. Today we discuss why and when to get your kids into therapy, the screen time dilemma, her approach to gentle parenting, some of the mistakes parents make in parenting tweens and teens, and Jax’s approach to her own mental health and motherhood.

“Gentle parenting to me means emotional connection. Connecting before correcting. Emotionally reaching them on that level that isn’t doing anything to gain their compliance but understanding where the behavior is coming from.” – Jax Anderson


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