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Ingrid Read: Networking, Support, and Activism for the Working Momkind

Episode #06

Today I’m joined by Ingrid Read, the Founder of Working Momkind. Working Momkind is a community on a mission to empower, showcase and support the hard work and talents of moms around the world. Ingrid and I talk about the uniqueness of the Working Momkind community, the challenges working moms face and the current climate in the workforce for parents. Ingrid shares her top tips for creating a greater sense of community in your own neighborhood, her team-player parenting style and her plans for growing her family.


“How do you get it all done? You don’t. You try your best to make sure that you’re dipping a little in each bucket.” – Ingrid Read



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Upcoming Show Mentioned: Jax Anderson (stay tuned!)

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