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Chelsea Riffe: How to Manifest and Use Visualization Meditation in Your Daily Life

Episode #02

Today I’m joined by Chelsea Riffe, a mindset, manifestation, & podcast coach. Chelsea helps her clients through guidance, support, & major hype to feel empowered to share their stories and their voices in business and in life. She offers 1-1 mindset coaching, courses, workshops, and has a podcast called In My Non-Expert Opinion. Chelsea and I talk about the ups, the downs, and the how-tos of her personal story from leaving her corporate job, to traveling the world, to starting her own business. We talk about her personal experience with therapy and she educates me on how to make manifestation and meditation part of my daily life.

“If you have a thought, and you take action, and it is appearing in your life, that is a manifestation.” – Chelsea Riffe

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