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Episode #166

Gina Gersh: From Worries to Zzz’s: Supporting New Moms through Sleep Anxiety & Beyond

In this podcast episode, Gina Gersh, a sleep consultant and mother of four, discusses various topics related to sleep issues and parenting with the assistant. They talk about the upcoming time change and... Read More

Episode #165

Wendy Snyder: Emotional Resilience in Parenting: Nurturing Strong-Willed Children with Empathy

In this podcast episode, Wendy Snyder, a positive parenting educator and family life coach, discusses her perspective on the Nashville school shooting and how to cope with fear and anger in the community.... Read More

Episode #164

Christie Rocha: Depression, Anxiety, and Motherhood: Exploring the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

In this solo episode, I reflect on the impact of the pandemic on mothers, sharing my own experience and struggles. I share my thoughts and reflections on the previous episode with Danielle Smith, including... Read More

Episode #163

Danielle Smith: Supporting New Moms: Understanding the Impact of Perinatal Mental Health and the Journey to Healing

Danielle Smith, a licensed mental health therapist and certified perinatal professional, is on the show today. We discuss Danielle's journey into the mental health field, her personal experience as a new... Read More

Episode #162

Christie Rocha: Motherhood Unfiltered: Expecting the Unexpected and the Advice I Wish I Received

In this solo episode, I reflect on my experiences and challenges of motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health. I discuss the changes that occur in a relationship after having children, the pressure to "bounce... Read More

Episode #161

Melissa Fairhurst: The Reality of Motherhood: Navigating Mental Health and Cultivating a Supportive Network

In this podcast episode, Melissa Fairhurst, a therapist specializing in maternal mental health, shares her journey towards becoming a therapist and her passion for helping others. She discusses her background,... Read More

Episode #160

Christie Rocha: Connecting with My Higher Self: Revelations from Oracle Decks and Intuitive Insights

In this solo show, I share my reflections on the previous episode with Kristine McGlinchey, discussing motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health. I talk about my experiences with intuitive mentors and readings,... Read More

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