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Episode #173

Amalya Tagakchyan: Breaking the Stigma: Overcoming Taboos Surrounding Mental Health

Today I’m joined by Amalya Tagakchyan, a mental health professional, who shares her journey into the field and the difference between mental health and mental illness. Amalya shares her personal experiences... Read More

Episode #172

Dr. Laura Schwinn: Reviving Your Spark: Empowering Women and Moms to Reconnect with Vibrancy

Dr. Laura Schwinn, a psychologist specializing in working with women and mothers, is interviewed in this podcast episode. She discusses her background, experiences as an identical twin, and her perspective... Read More

Episode #171

Lucia DiMarco: Unleashing Your Inner Potential: How to Break Free from Negative Self-Talk and Embrace Change

Lucia DeMarco, a coach for women, is interviewed about her motivation for coaching and how negative self-talk has affected her own life. Lucia shares her personal experiences of overcoming self-doubt and... Read More

Episode #170

Christie Rocha: Happy 2nd Birthday, Sass Says Podcast

On this solo show, I am celebrating the podcast's 2nd birthday. I am highlighting the top 5 most listened to episodes of the last year and what I took away from each episode. I am also hinting at what's... Read More

Episode #169

Christie Rocha: A Personal Update on Alcohol, Hormones, and Weight

In this solo episode, I am sharing an update on my journey with alcohol and elaborating on my experience thus far working with a holistic hormone coach. I also hint at an exciting new direction for the... Read More

Episode #168

Jenn Trepeck: From Yo-Yo Dieting to Empowered Eating: Transformative Health Education for a Happier You

Jenn Trepeck is an Optimal Health Coach, Podcaster, and Business Consultant. Jenn grew up the skinny one in a family of dieters which was awesome(!) until it went away. And so began her weight management... Read More

Episode #167

Jamie Scrimgeour: Empowering Kick-Ass Stepmoms: Personal Development for Stronger Families

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Jamie Scrimgeour, a stepmom and host of The Kick Ass Stepmom Podcast. We discuss Jamie's journey as a stepmom and the lessons that can be applied to relationships... Read More

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