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Episode #180

Jude Charles: Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness

Today With Jude Charles: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Jude Charles, a storyteller, filmmaker, and brand strategist working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Jude is an expert in his field and works... Read More

Episode #179

Nancy Ganzekaufer: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Navigating Conflicting Messages About Money

Today With Nancy Ganzekaufer: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Nancy Ganzekaufer, a mom, entrepreneur, body language trainer, and business and life coach. Nancy is sharing her insightful perspectives... Read More

Episode #178

Eileen Hahn: Unlocking Your Joy: Strategies for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Today With Eileen Hahn: Burnout. If we’re not experiencing it as moms, we’re experiencing it at work or as entrepreneurs. It feels like modern motherhood and burnout just go hand in hand. But what... Read More

Episode #177

Katie McDonald: Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Self-Care

Today With Katie McDonald: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Katie McDonald, certified holistic health coach and the founder of b.nourished, a concierge coaching service for high achievers who take care... Read More

Episode #176

Amy Kartheiser: Under the Same Sky: A Nonprofit Providing Healing Conversations for Suicide Loss Survivors

Amy Kartheiser is the founder and principal designer of Amy Kartheiser Design and the founder of a nonprofit called "Under the Same Sky." On today’s episode, Amy opened up about her personal journey... Read More

Episode #175

McCall Dulkys: Living Abroad, Building Home: A Mother’s Story to Finding Belonging, Identity, and Community

McCall Dulkys is a mom of three and an interior designer living in Sacramento, California. McCall shares her experience as a mother and living overseas for ten years while her husband played basketball.... Read More

Episode #174

Jenna Hermans: Finding Calm in the Chaos: A Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Parenting and Daily Life

Jenna Hermans, known as the "queen of calm," talks about the importance of calmness and chaos in parenting and daily life. We discuss how calmness is subjective and define it as a state of the nervous... Read More

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