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Episode #186

Flashback Friday: Do You Have a Monster-in-Law or is it Enmeshment? Tips for Setting Healthy Familial Boundaries

Christie Rocha's and Mary Beth Somich's Ah-Ha Moments “If you care about someone, it’s important to set boundaries with them. Reframe it as, ‘boundaries are not scary, they are actually indicative... Read More

Episode #185

Way Back Wednesday: Meredith Masony: Content Creator Queens Don’t Gatekeep…Life Lessons from a 9 Year Veteran

Today With Meredith Masony: Today's a Way Back Wednesday! In this episode we revisit our talk with Meredith Masony, founder of That's Inappropriate, online parenting community. Christie Rocha's and Meredith... Read More

Episode #184

Flashback Friday: Lindsay Fleming: An OG TikTok Therapist on the Blessing and the Curse of Social Media for Us and Our Kids

Today With Lindsay Fleming: Today's a Flashback Friday! In this episode we revisit our talk with Lindsay Fleming, therapist specializing in children, teens and young adults. Christie Rocha's and Lindsay... Read More

Episode #183

Claire Jefford: Content is Queen: Leverage Video Content That is True To You

Today With Claire Jefford: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Claire Jefford, an award-winning interior designer, business coach, and video content creator. Claire has done design videos, car karaoke,... Read More

Episode #182

Amber de la Garza: The Power of Prioritization: Reimagining Productivity and Embracing Balance

Today With Amber De La Garza: What do you think of when you hear the word productivity? For me, my mind jumps to doing more. Getting things done. Checking off a list. Growing the business, making money—all... Read More

Episode #181

Sandra Funk: A Million Dollar Mindset for Setting Boundaries and Standing in Your Space

Today With Sandra Funk: Today I am joined by Sandra Funk, founder and CEO of the boutique interior design firm, House of Funk. Sandra is also an interior design business strategist. Sandra coined the phrase... Read More

Episode #180

Jude Charles: Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness

Today With Jude Charles: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Jude Charles, a storyteller, filmmaker, and brand strategist working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Jude is an expert in his field and works... Read More

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