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Episode #12

Christine Michel Carter: Storytelling, Single Motherhood, and Mental Health

Today I’m joined by Christine Michel Carter, the #1 global voice for working moms. Christine is a bestselling author, consumer marketing expert, the senior contributor to ForbesWomen, and a mommy to... Read More

Episode #11

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen: Transitioning Through Divorce with The Divorce Doctor

Today I’m joined by Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, also known as The Divorce Doctor. Dr. Cohen is a clinical psychologist, the CEO of the Center for CBT in NYC, and the CEO and founder of the online divorce course... Read More

Episode #10

Kerrie Mohr: Therapy is About Trusting the Process and Giving Ourselves Permission

Today I’m joined by Kerrie Mohr, the founder and lead therapist at A Good Place Therapy, a bicoastal private practice offering compassionate psychotherapy for adults, couples, children, teens, and families.... Read More

Episode #09

Jax Anderson: The Psyko Therapist & TikTok Mom on Tweens, Teens, and Therapy

Today I’m joined by Jax Anderson, a licensed professional counselor and creator/owner of the brand The Psyko Therapist. Jax is a Disrupter, disrupting the status quo, offering alternative perspectives,... Read More

Episode #08

Elissa Weinzimmer: How to Find Your Voice, Speak Authentically and Why It Matters

Today I’m joined by Elissa Weinzimmer, an award-winning vocal health educator, presence coach, and the founder of Voice Body Connection. After suddenly losing her own voice at age 21, Elissa began studying... Read More

Episode #07

Dr. Holly Sawyer: How to Implement Self-Care and Prevent Burnout in Your Daily Life

Today I’m joined by Dr. Holly Sawyer, the CEO and lead psychotherapist at her solo practice Life First Therapy and at Therapy Loft Collective, an online group practice. Dr. Holly is also an author, entrepreneur... Read More

Episode #06

Ingrid Read: Networking, Support, and Activism for the Working Momkind

Today I’m joined by Ingrid Read, the Founder of Working Momkind. Working Momkind is a community on a mission to empower, showcase and support the hard work and talents of moms around the world. Ingrid... Read More

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