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Episode #26

Christie Rocha: Self-Care with S.A.S.S. – Pregnancy & Body

This is the second episode in my 4-part self-care solo series and it’s all about my pregnancies and body image journey. I am of course sharing just how both have been major factors in my mental health... Read More

Episode #25

Katelyn Parsons: Uncover Your Relationship with Food, Body Image, and Diet Culture

Today I’m joined by Katelyn Parsons, entrepreneur, speaker, certified Intuitive Eating and Body Image coach, as well as the host of Body Truth podcast. After years of struggling with bulimia and disordered... Read More

Episode #24

Christie Rocha: Self-Care with S.A.S.S.

Today is my first solo show and I couldn’t be more excited! I am sharing my thoughts on self-care, what I’ve learned from my guests so far on the show about self-care, and I’m introducing a new challenge!... Read More

Episode #23

Dr. Alex Golden: Autonomy of Mind, Body, & Soul with the Co-Founder of Zesty Ginger

Today I’m joined by Dr. Alex Golden, functional MD and co-founder of Zesty Ginger. Dr. Alex and Megan Blacksmith, NP, are best friends and business partners known for combining functional medicine and... Read More

Episode #22

Deana Panza: Start Saying ‘No’ and Reconnect to Your Authentic Self

Today I’m joined by Deana Panza, psychotherapist, speaker, coach, wellness educator, and yoga teacher. Deana’s passion is to help people reconnect with their most authentic selves through mindfulness,... Read More

Episode #21

Dr. Vanessa Freeman: Get Comfortable with Uncertainty…in Life, Therapy, Higher Ed, and More!

Today I’m joined by Dr. Vanessa Freeman, the founder of Searching for Self Therapy and Consulting. Dr. V believes that therapy has the power to help individuals unlock, access, and reconnect to their... Read More

Episode #20

Diana Simon: Navigating Motherhood, Marriage & Career with an ADHD Diagnosis

Today I’m joined by Diana Simon, mom, wife, content creator, marketing expert and my friend. Diana is the Marketing Coordinator at Luann Nigara Inc, the company this podcast is produced by. Diana and... Read More

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