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Episode #61

Dr. Lea Lis: How to Shamelessly Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Confidence, and Relationships

Dr. Lea Lis, also known as the 'Shameless Psychiatrist,’ is a double board certified Adult and Child psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor at New York Medical College. She is an expert in the... Read More

Episode #60

Rebecca Newton: How to Keep Your Relationship on Track throughout Parenthood and Infertility

Rebecca Newton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Los Angeles, specializing in working with couples and with women struggling with infertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood. We discuss... Read More

Episode #59

Alissa McCormick: Heartminded Parenting Advice, Coping with Adult ADHD and PPD, and Single Parenting

Alissa McCormick is a single mom to two boys, a former teacher, and the creator of the educational parenting platform called Heartminded Mama. We discuss how to practice consent and teach body autonomy... Read More

Episode #58

Nicole Edwards: Why Cultivating and Trusting Your Inner Voice is Essential to Living Authentically

Nicole Edwards is the founder of Edwards Authentic, offering courses and retreats to create a sanctuary for women to flourish in their personal and professional endeavors. She is a coauthor of the International... Read More

Episode #57

Melissa Donahue: Sexual Education Starts with Exploring Our Past and Re-Educating Ourselves

Melissa Donahue is a LCSW in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida and she is currently a Doctoral student in the School of Social Work at Rutgers University. Melissa is a Certified Sex Therapist... Read More

Episode #56

Sarah Bilger: The Mental and Emotional Implications of Labor, Delivery, and Birth Trauma

Sarah Bilger is a certified postpartum nutritional coach, mechanical engineer, host of the Entering Motherhood podcast, and a mom of 2. We discuss her traumatic birth experience and her postpartum mental... Read More

Episode #55

Cecile Tucker: Deep Diving Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma Treatment

Cecile Tucker is a registered clinical counselor in British Columbia, Canada. She specializes in helping people build successful relationships by healing underlying trauma. Cecile focuses on how adverse... Read More

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