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Episode #193

Jessica Smith: The ‘Five to Thrive’ Approach: A Blueprint for Self-Accountability

Today With Jessica Smith: Today, I am joined by Jessica Smith, owner of The Fit Life With Jessica. Jessica is an accountability and health coach who helps career women create exercise, meal planning,... Read More

Episode #192

Mikaya Thurmond: Mental Health Strategies for Remote Workers: Discover Joy in Everyday Moments

Today With Mikaya Thurmond: Today on The Inner Edit I am joined by Mikaya Thurmond, an award-winning Public Relations Strategist propelling brands to new heights with more than a decade of expertise.... Read More

Episode #191

Libby Ward: Motherhood Content: Create with Heart and Express Your Unique Voice

Today With Libby Ward: Today on The Inner Edit I am joined by Libby Ward. Libby is a digital creator, writer, speaker, and mental health advocate with a deep commitment to changing the motherhood narrative... Read More

Episode #190

Renee Reina: Navigating the Intersection: Where Your Passions and Niche Content Meet on Social Media

Today With Renee Reina: Today on The Inner Edit I am with Renee Reina, who joined me in Episode 14 of Sass Says, where we discussed self-reflection and authenticity in motherhood and beyond. You might... Read More

Episode #189

Bryana Kappadakunnel: Authenticity Over Algorithms: The Conscious Mommy’s Approach to Digital Growth

Today With Bryana Kappadakunnel: Today on Sass Says I am joined once again by Bryana Kappadakunnel, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist,... Read More

Episode #188

Tara Clark: From Burnt Out to Balanced: Resilience Strategies for Digital Content Creators

Today With Tara Clark: Today, the creator of Instagram’s @modernmomprobs, as well as the author of the book Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers, shares what it means to have... Read More

Episode #187

Join The Movement: The Inner Edit’s Wellness Revolution for Digital Content Creators

Today With Christie Rocha: Welcome to The Inner Edit! In this launch episode, Christie will tell us all about her decision to rebrand from Sass Says to The Inner Edit. We will take a deep dive into content... Read More

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