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Episode #138

Beatrice Tokayer: Creating Sensory-Inclusive Spaces for Neurodivergent Children

Beatrice Tokayer is an interior designer, founder of BRT Interior Design, and mom of 3. Her own son’s sensory needs fueled her curiosity and passion for designing spaces that help children live happier,... Read More

Episode #137

Barb Hill: Navigating Seasons of Waiting: A Therapist’s Journey of Faith, Career, and Self-Discovery

Barb Hill is a writer and Licensed Mental Health Therapist who is passionate about supporting others in both their navigation of faith and mental health. In 2019, Barb founded Holding Space Counseling,... Read More

Episode #136

Dr. Kristen Casey: Are You Sabotaging Your Sleep?: A Harm Reduction Approach to Disordered Sleep

Dr. Kristen Casey is clinical psychologist, published author, and content creator. She’s the founder and owner of a private practice and consultation company. Prior to her psychology career, she was... Read More

Episode #135

Abbey Williams: Walking Through Fire: Cycle-Breaking, Estrangement, and Co-Parenting Support for Moms

Abbey Williams is a behavioral health therapist, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, and mother of 4. For 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical services to families as well as write and speak about... Read More

Episode #134

Samantha Porter Grinney: The Evolution of Samantha’s WEST – From High Fashion NYC Girl to Philanthropic Florida Mom

Samantha Porter Grinney is the founder of Samantha’s West, a podcast and resource to supply you with entertainment and interviews from philanthropic and entrepreneurial guests. Samantha’s West has... Read More

Episode #133

Jenna Altman: How to Align Your Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement to Your Unique Body and Values

Jenna Altman is a health and fitness coach and the CEO and Head Coach at Harvest Coaching. She is also the host of the Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement podcast. Jenna’s mission is to help active women... Read More

Episode #132

Mary Beth Somich: Do You Have a Monster-in-Law or is it Enmeshment? Tips for Setting Healthy Familial Boundaries

Mary Beth Somich is a licensed therapist with a group private practice located in North Carolina called Your Journey Through. She specializes in family dynamic work and is passionate about promoting modern... Read More

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