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Episode #201

Amy Morin: The Viral Article that Catapulted to International Best-Seller: Lessons in Resilience and Success

Today With Amy Morin: Today, I’m with Amy Morin, psychotherapist, international bestselling author, and the host of the Mentally Stronger podcast. Her books on mental strength have sold more than... Read More

Episode #200

Celebrating 200 Episodes: The Inner Edit’s Evolution & Goals for the Next 200 and Beyond

Today With Christie Rocha: Today we are celebrating 200 episodes. I have learned so much on this journey from the early days of Sass Says to the latest shows of The Inner Edit, and I am so happy to... Read More

Episode #199

Emmy Marie: Unmasking the Healer Within: A Journey from Anonymity to Authenticity on Social Media

Today With Emmy Marie: Today on The Inner Edit, I am with Emmy Marie, founder of @bloomingwithemmy. Emmy is a content creator and a trauma coach who has worked through her own c-PTSD and trauma from abuse... Read More

Episode #198

Tomi Obebe: Transforming Passion into Profit: Lessons in Blog and Social Media Monetization

Today With Tomi Obebe: Today on The Inner Edit I am with Tomi Obebe, a lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With corporate digital marketing experience and an MBA... Read More

Episode #197

Alyce Chan: The Impact of Comedy Content: Liberating Creativity and Letting Go of Mom Guilt in the Digital Realm

Today With Alyce Chan: Today I’m joined by Alyce Chan. Alyce is a content creator, TikTok star, and a multi-faceted comedian who provides a much-needed comical take on the ups and downs of motherhood. She... Read More

Episode #196

Rachael Bozsik-Johanson: The Luxury Shift: Align Your Desires and Elevate Your Brand to the Top 3% of Your Niche

Today With Rachael Bozsik-Johanson: Today on The Inner Edit I am with Rachael Bozsik Johanson—luxury strategist for female entrepreneurs. Rachael is a true esteemed advisor whose clients include... Read More

Episode #195

Dr. Kelly Vincent: How to Amplify Your Online Presence and Voice through Mindful and Self-Aware Content

Today With Dr. Kelly Vincent: Today on The Inner Edit, I am joined by, Dr. Kelly Vincent, a licensed holistic and clinical psychologist. Dr. Kelly made a career shift from marketing to psychology. With... Read More

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