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Welcome to The Inner Edit!

If you’ve been with me since day one, you’ll remember us as “Sass Says.” But today, I’m thrilled to share the exciting story behind the rebrand from “Sass Says” to “The Inner Edit”!

The Need for Change

Over two years ago, I started my podcast as a way to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, body image, and personal growth. But as time went on, I felt a strong desire for something different. I realized that as a content creator, I craved meaningful connections with fellow creatives who truly understand the experience of putting ourselves out there online.

I wanted to dive into topics like productivity, ethics, building relationships, and taking care of our well-being in the digital space.

The Inner Edit Christie Rocha

The Challenges of Being a Content Creator

Many creators refer to the digital space as “the wild wild west”, with no rulebook to guide us. It’s an exciting yet daunting journey, filled with uncertainty, impostor syndrome, and constant comparison.

Through many interviews with therapists, coaches, and fellow moms who are also content creators, I discovered a constant theme. Creating content takes a toll on our mental health. Together, we explored the depths of burnout, the battle against negativity, and the impact of content creation on our real-life relationships.

The Human Side of Content Creation

One thing became clear: creators, no matter their following size, long to be seen as humans with feelings and needs, not just social media handles or personal brands. This realization sparked the start of “The Inner Edit,” a resource and support system for content creators like yourself!

Christie Rocha Content Creator

The Importance of Time Management and Personal Well-being

In “The Inner Edit,” we dive deep into the world of time management and staying organized amidst the chaos of content creation. I’ll share insights on creating content efficiently and setting realistic goals, empowering you to conquer the digital realm while giving yourself grace to be a human. But there’s more.

We’ll also explore the challenge of prioritizing personal well-being in the fast-paced digital world. Because when we take care of ourselves and focus on personal growth, it directly impacts the quality of our content and benefits both our audience and our community!

Unite, Support, and Thrive

But here’s the exciting part: “The Inner Edit” is more than just a podcast; it’s a community of like-minded creators who get it. It’s a call to action, a place where we can come together, support one another, and thrive in this digital creator space.

So, whether you’re a creator or someone who wants to understand and support this world, come join us here at “The Inner Edit!”

Join The Inner Eddit Christie Rocha

Let’s rewrite the rules, redefine what it means to create, and thrive. It’s time to embrace the magic within and be part of a community that celebrates authenticity. We’re in this together.

xo, Christie

PS. To get started right NOW, subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows and download my free resource: 10 Weekly Self-Care Practices for Digital Creators.

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