Self-Care Practices

Meet Christie


Christie Rocha is the host of The Inner Edit: Wellness for Digital Creators podcast.

She interviews therapists, coaches, and content creators to raise awareness for mental health, promote wellness, and create community for creators. Christie is known for asking the “but how” questions so that creators walk away from each episode with actionable steps on what to do next when it comes to relationships, ethics, productivity, and self-development.

Christie is a co-author of Honest As a Mother Volume 2, a keynote speaker and panel leader, and has been a featured guest on many wellness and mental health podcasts. She is a Georgetown University graduate, former D1 softball player, a lover of iced coffee, the Real Housewives, and the Jersey Shore! Christie and her husband live in New Jersey with their two kids.

The Story


I am YOU, a content creator. I launched my podcast, formerly known as Sass Says, in August 2021. My mission was to debunk the stigmas and misconceptions about therapy and mental health. After battling two rounds of postpartum depression and anxiety, a total loss of identity in motherhood, AND a global pandemic, I realized that I spent much of my life thinking that therapy wasn’t for “someone like me”. I didn’t know you could just go to therapy. I thought you needed a referral or to have suffered a really big “T” Trauma. And if I didn’t understand what therapy was and who it was for, I thought that there must be other women out there who are suffering and don’t know that they can get help.


So I interviewed a couple hundred therapists, coaches, and content creators on some aspect of mental health and learned that I was very drawn to the connection between mental health and content creation. Whenever I asked anyone with a platform, “What do you wish your followers knew about your experience?” nine times out of ten, the answer was some variation of “I’m a human too. I have feelings. I have needs, boundaries, and limits.” The highs are high and the lows are low. 


So, here we are. Let’s talk about the invisible battles of being a content creator. Let’s raise awareness for the very real and ever-present mental health challenges that come with putting yourself out there. Let’s prioritize our personal wellness for the sake of not only ourselves but for our platforms. Join me and your fellow creators who get it, who see you, and who are here to support you.


And through my personal experience creating content for the podcast and on social media, I know all too well, the struggles of consistency, of trying to create community without ever actually meeting people in person, of the joy thief that is the comparison game, and that it seems like we were all going through the same things but not talking about it. I crave to be seen as a creator by creators, not just by followers, listeners, and commentators. 

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Are you a therapist?
The short and most accurate answer is no. The longer answer is no BUT my husband thinks I should become one and I’ve dabbled with the idea. For now, I’m just fascinated by it all and want to learn as much as possible.

Do you see a therapist?
YES, since 2019! She is the best friend I know next to nothing about.

Why should I listen to you?
Because I’m just like you…when it comes to creating content, fostering digital relationships, coping with negativity, and burnout, I have questions. I struggle, I triumph, and I care. I’ve also interviewed hundreds of therapists and coaches, I’ve worked with my own therapist for a few years now, and have done A LOT of podcast listening, reading, and writing on my own mental health and personal growth

What can I expect from you?
You can expect me to always ask my guests, “Ok cool but how?” You can expect me to share the ups and downs of my story. You can expect this to be FUN! I like to laugh and entertain so while the content can get heavy, I do my best to not take myself too seriously. You’ll hear me fumble my words a bit, ask the question a few different ways until I understand the answer fully, and just generally have our collective back.

Is this podcast a replacement for therapy?
Absolutely not. This podcast is meant to be informative and thought provoking but does not replace professional medical attention.

Why are you doing this show?
Content creation is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that is often very misunderstood and therefore not provided the same attention, resources, support, and understanding that might come with another job or lifestyle. I’m here to change that. 

Are you wondering, “Am I a content creator?”
If you create content that goes online, then YES, you are! You could write articles, have a blog, host a podcast, create videos, social media posts, create courses, and so forth. If you conceptualize, plan, produce, edit, and publish content online, this is for you. If you are building a community on a platform or around your content and interact with an audience or clients, this is for you.

Is this ONLY for creators?
Not necessarily. If this content resonates with you, then by all means, all are welcome!

What if I don’t have a big following?
Well, then you’re in good company, because neither do I! This podcast and community is for content creators of any kind at any stage of the game.